Center of Industrial Research, Development and Innovation COREZINC

We operate our own R&D and Innovation Center focused on the industrial recycling of zinc residues, scrap and waste in order to develop our own state-of-the-art technologies and the development of innovative zinc products.

The Center includes pilot lines for research, development and materials testing, including its own laboratory, fully equipped with modern special laboratory analyzers and equipments for testing and analysis of all forms of zinc materials.


We are constantly striving to develop the company's activities in the field of recycling management, processing and use of zinc residues as renewable resources in order to ensure a higher degree of recycling to achieve a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Thanks to support from the OPŽP and OPPIK operational programs, we are successfully implementing several projects co-financed by the European Union and we are working intensively on others. Within the WASTen cluster, we participate in research, development and transfer of top innovative technologies with a focus on material and energy processing of industrial and municipal waste in the Czech Republic and the European Union.

In addition to higher recycling rates and support for the circular economy, one of our goals is to contribute to significant savings in raw material resources. Other ongoing projects are in the areas of energy saving, the use of waste as a renewable resource for innovative products production, the introduction of new systems and technologies under the initiative Industry 4.0, including digital applications for innovative technologies in recycling processes.

We are currently implementing several of the projects listed below.

Extension of separate collection system (OPŽP, since 2014)

The subject of the project is the acquisition of technology to extend the system of separate collection and collection of waste.

Modernization of waste Collection Yard Roudná (OPŽP, since 2016)

The subject of the project is to build a collection yard on the territory of the South Bohemian Region.

Zinc waste research and development of zinc products (OPPIK, since 2017)

The subject of the project is research into the processing of zinc blowing ashes and zinc incrustations, ie zinc waste generated during the thermal spraying.

Research and development of the process of zinc raw material recovery and the development of innovative recyclable products (OPPIK, since 2017)

The subject of the project is research and development of new technology for the material utilization of zinc waste arising from zinc processing in industry and contaminated with other unwanted components and the subsequent development of innovative products containing zinc using recycled materials.

Modernization of the waste sorting system (OPŽP, since 2018)

The subject of the project is to acquire modern innovative technologies and to significantly improve the sorting and handling of waste for their use.

Extension the capacity of innovation center for industrial research, development and innovation COTTEX Trade (OPPIK, since 2018)

The project is focused on the development and significant expansion of the existing research and innovation capacity (VIK) in connection with the implemented research and development and innovation (R & D & I) projects of the company in the field of processing and recycling of the zinc waste.

Podmínky přístupu k výzkumné infrastruktuře (Conditions for access to research infrastructure)

Application of recycled zinc in anticorrosive coating systems (OPPIK, since 2020)

The "Zinccoatings" project focuses on research and development of innovative coating paints, using exclusively recycled zinc powders, in accordance with the principles of circular economy.

Development and verification of new technology of industrial automation and digitization production process of the zinc pigments, obtained by recycling and utilization of wastes (OPPIK, since 2020)

The project is focused on research, development and verification of high-tech technology for automation and digitization of the production process of materials utilization of Zn waste and for the production of innovative recycled Zn pigments in accordance with the principles of circular economy and initiative of Industry 4.0

New capacity of waste collection (OPŽP, since 2020)

The project New Waste Collection Capacity is focused on creating a new waste collection capacity in connection with the main activity, which is the provision of services in the field of waste management, namely the acquisition of state-of-the-art technologies, ie. collection facilities equipped with modern technology with economical operation and environmentally friendly.

Modernization of the waste separation system PHASE 2 (OPŽP, since 2020)

The subject of the project is the modernization and increase of the capacity of equipment for separation and sorting of waste, replenishment the large-volume containers, separation technologies for sorting more components of waste, retrofitting the device with XRF spectrometer and electric forklift truck and modernization of plant handling area.

Modernization of plant for material utilization of zinc residues (OPŽP, since 2021)

The subject of the zinc residues recycling project is the modernization of equipment for material utilization of other zinc wastes, in the form of investment in expanding technologies and infrastructure necessary to increase capacity and operation of technologies for waste treatment by material utilization and production of recycled zinc products, fully in line with the company's development strategy.

Development of research and innovation capacity of R&D&I Center COREZINC

The scope of the project is a significant expansion of the existing research and innovation capacity of the R&D&I Center COREZINC in connection with implemented research and development projects and activities of the company in processing and recycling zinc waste, research and development of innovative processes and technologies of zinc processing and development of new unique zinc recycled products.