COREZINC Sustainability development

Zinc recycling at COREZINC has a positive impact on the environment from the point of view of sustainable development. Our activities in the environmental field bring great benefits, through the use of zinc recyclates, which increases the share of the circular economy and reduces the carbon footprint in all cycles of zinc use, not only in industry.

Thanks to the innovative processing of recyclates and the re-launch of COREZINC products with a share of recycled raw materials on the market, there is a significant support for the circular economy.

By recycling zinc, COREZINC contributes to reducing the burden on the environment and helps its regeneration, including the reduction of air and water pollution in the current mining of zinc ores and the subsequent production of zinc products from primary sources.

The use of our COREZINC recycled products reduces the consumption of primary zinc, reduces energy and material intensity compared to current production from zinc ores, and the reuse of recycled zinc reduces waste production. Our goals are focused on products with minimal negative impact on the environment.

Quality & Environment & Liability

We are committed to fulfill the environmental policy requirements of all applicable laws and regulations relating to environmental protection, to apply preventive procedures to protect the environment and reduce the environmental burden due to the company business activities. Our main activities in the field of prevention of environmental pollution consist of high-quality processing and thereby achieving high level of zinc recycling, as well as providing high quality customer service and staff training in the field of environmental protection.

All by‑products of our recycling processes can be used in another industrial application as input raw material, therefore COREZINC does not generates waste to landfill disposal.


COREZINC (ex COTTEX Trade) is certified company by Bureau Veritas: ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016


Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016

Certificate ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016

Quality policy & Environmental policy

Politika kvality - Quality policy

Environmentální politika - Environmental policy